An authentic Savoyard village

Chalet Rentals Saint Martin de Belleville with lifts from the village, Saint Martin allows you to enjoy the 3 valleys ski area, while allowing you to taste the luxury of real chalet rentals. This real little village, with its history, its steeple, and especially its inhabitants, is nestled in the heart of Savoy. The mountain people of the Belleville valley are simple, warm, and true mountain enthusiasts. Their habitat has always looked like them, simple and warm, with cottages made of old wood and stones. Saint Martin de Belleville has been able to keep its charm of yesteryear despite the major economic development of the last 50 years.

Choose your Chalet Rentals well

As in any place become tourist, one never repeats enough to beware of scams and/or other people in bad faith, because in Saint Martin also you will find everything, especially when it comes to cottage rentals. Several precautions are to be respected to avoid being had, or even to turn your holiday into a “nightmare stay”:

1-Consult the web in the first place

When you find an attractive chalet rental on any web platform, try to glean some info to be able to verify the digital presence of this landlord. Visit his own website, visit his Facebook company page, type his name in Google, and also take a few minutes to read the reviews (both on Google and on Facebook). All these different sources should get to give you a fair enough idea of the place by combining the information.

2-Make contact directly

If possible, always try to make contact with your host, to note the name of your caller, either by email or by phone. This will allow you to gauge more the human side, which is not found on the web, and why to get an idea of the welcome that awaits you in your chalet rentals

3-Physically visit the premises

Some chalet rentals, including 3 Valley lodges, also allow you to arrange tours of rentals, when available of course! If you are an undeniable fan of the 3 valleys, and you come back every winter, then on days when it is not beautiful, think you can visit the chalet for your next winter.

4-Call instead 3 Valley Lodges

This is for our few tips on renting cottages in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, nothing very nasty, but stay alert! And if you prefer to leave the peace of mind, then contact directly the 3 Valleys lodges, we will be happy to welcome you:

Phone: + 33 479 08 96 00

Phone: + 33 608 88 68 87